Nowhere to Run

I took six weeks off from training to heal some minor injuries, and I didn’t even miss it too much, because I was enjoying the feeling of not being constantly bruised and banged up, so I thought I might have actually kicked my BJJ addiction, but then I started dreaming about grappling, so I knew Jiu-Jitsu had not set me free. I also tried to talk some relatives into grappling with me during our recent family reunion, but they said no, and at that point I figured I’d better go back to class, which I did last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was all like “Warriors, come out and plaaay”, and my BJJ bros were happy to answer the call!

My mom recently told me that from her perspective, Jiu-Jitsu is the “special forces” of the martial arts world, and I like that analogy. Along with it comes my feeling of “once a Jiu-Jitsuka, always a Jiu-Jitsuka”, and that I would never be able to quit and make it stick, even if I really wanted to. Six weeks is actually a long time for me to miss training, and Commander Conan said he was starting to wonder about me, so I’m curious as to how much more time I could’ve been away before he staged an intervention or something (I should probably explain to my non-BJJ readers that a Jiu-Jitsu intervention is basically the opposite of a regular intervention, it’s when your BJJ-addicted friends are concerned that you’re not doing enough of the drug ;).

Sometimes I do feel like I want to be free from Jiu-Jitsu, but that feeling never lasts too long, and even when I try to go AWOL for awhile, I can never really get away, because BJJ is a part of me. Can you dig it?


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