Into the Great Wide Open

Before martial arts took over our lives, one thing my family and I used to do quite often was go camping, and in one of my first posts on Ginger Snaps, I wrote about missing it, yet we still haven’t gone in the seven years since then. However that’s about to change, because my husband and I have declared a “family emergency” starting on Monday, so we can get away and camp. Up until I met Joe, I hadn’t ever really been camping, nor did I think I would like it very much, but now I can’t wait to get back to nature!

Since it’s been awhile from the last time we camped, we’ll be easing into it, by first staying in a hotel, then a basic cabin, then a tent, or as Joe said “We’ll gradually shake off the shackles of society”. My husband and I chose to not own smart phones, or any other portable devices, so we’ll basically be “off the grid” for a week (you can still text me, if you have my number, but please only call if it’s an emergency ;).

Joe and I will both be missing training, but I’m predicting that at some point on the vacation, I will talk him into grappling with me. I also think I’ll probably come back with a sunburn, no matter how much SPF 100 that I apply, and I believe my dog Jay (who is seven, and has never been camping), will love it, and then he’ll wonder why we ever came home!


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