When I was in the changing room at Lincoln BJJ before class last night, there were six girls in there with me, and they were talking about how large the kid’s class had been, and that there were so many girls. Then one of them looked at me and said “But you’re the only woman in the adult class today”, so I replied “That’s why you all need to hurry up and get older, so you can come to class with me”, and one of them exclaimed “I can go to the adult class in four years”, and by the time she does, she will probably be kicking my ass all up and down the mat, because kids are like sponges when it comes to technique, and teenagers have stamina for days!

Last night was another brutal all-spars advanced class, with ten minute long rolls, and all of my partners were purple and blue belts. I was pretty tired by my final match, and before it started I was thinking that it probably wasn’t going to go well, but it turned out that my partner was even more exhausted than I was, so I actually ended up submitting him about four times, which is unprecedented for me! He wouldn’t let me choke him, but I got every armbar I went for, and at least two of them were from side control. I also got a kimura at the very end, but that was from good ole guard.

If you’re thinking that my ego is all swelled now because I got a few taps on a spent partner, let me assure you that everyone else I rolled with wrecked me. When Justin C. was watching one of my rolls, he said that my partner was being mean, and I responded “The sad thing is, he’s actually being nice”.

Having an experience like that in my final roll, after grappling for almost an hour with some tough partners, made me realize that times like that are when my experience shows. I don’t think my stamina is that much better than the last dude I rolled with, because he’s fifteen years younger than I am, but I’ve learned to pace myself, so I still have something left at the end. I think I might even roll better when I’m tired, because I stop over-thinking everything. I also rolled with that same guy for my first roll last night, and I never came close to submitting him then, so I suppose I should thank the beasts he rolled with after that, for wearing him out!


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