24K Magic

I guess I didn’t have to worry about Mike getting hurt in his MMA fight on Saturday, because I don’t think he was even hit a single time! His official win came with a guillotine at 29 seconds into the first round, but it was really more like 20-25 seconds, because his opponent was unconscious for awhile before the ref realized it. When Mike hooked up the guillotine from standing, the choke was so deep that I told my husband “If he doesn’t tap, he’s going to go out”, which seems kind of obvious, but what I really meant was “If he doesn’t tap right now, he’s going to go out”, and I’m pretty sure he was asleep by the time they hit the ground. Joe and I were sitting in awesome cage-side seats, and we were so close that I felt like I could’ve jumped in there to help Mike if he got in trouble, but I probably would’ve been tackled by security if I’d tried, and of course, he didn’t need any of my assistance.

TumbleweedI also loved the fact that Tumbleweed walked up to the cage in his BJJ gi and purple belt, and although some of the people who sitting near me in the audience laughed when they saw him (and I almost ginger snapped ;), they sure weren’t laughing a minute later, when the refs were waking up his opponent from the Mike-induced nap. Before the fight started, I told my husband that Tumbleweed was a finisher, and when I was congratulating him after his fight, Mike said “I just did what I do.”, and truer words have never been spoken. I should know, because it’s taken me many years of rolling with him to be able to last more than thirty seconds without being submitted, but don’t just take my word for it, watch the video of Mike’s fight and see for yourself!


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