Mr. Twister

The first Eddie Bravo Invitational Combat Jiu-Jitsu tournament was held Sunday night, and the guy who became the first EBI Bantamweight Combat Champion by submitting WEC and Bellator veteran Chad George in the finals with a twister is Lincoln BJJ Center’s own Nick Honstein! He’s our only black belt other than Professor Greg, and he’s a former MMA fighter who’s now the instructor of the MMA classes at LBJJC. His nickname is “Quick Nick”, and I’ve personally only had the opportunity to roll with him one time, but he definitely lived up to his nickname, because he dispatched me in about fifteen seconds!

It’s so exciting to have someone as talented as Nick training with us and sharing his knowledge, as well as doing a kick-ass job of representing Lincoln BJJ on the world stage. I bet some people were surprised that the winner of the EBI Combat tournament came from Nebraska, but it just goes to show that we have skills here in the middle of the country, and due to Nick’s impressive win via twister, I think the City of Lincoln should sound the tornado sirens for him when he blows back into town!

The first EBI Bantamweight Combat Champion, Nick Honstein


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