Welcome Back

Me & KristyWhen they announced the judges at Mike’s last MMA fight, I was surprised that not only was one of them a woman, she is also someone I know. Kristy Gynan has been involved in the local MMA scene for many years, first as a fighter, then a ref, and now a judge. She was also one of the longest attending students in the woman’s Jiu-Jitsu classes that Sheriff Amy used to teach at the dojo (which turned into Ethridge class when my husband started training with me), and although Kristy left the dojo several years ago, she and I have remained friends, and she’s continued training MMA.

Then last week she asked me whether I would mind if she started coming to our Sunday Ethridge classes, and I believe my exact response was “That would be awesome!” Amy was also glad to have another student again (instead of just Joe and I), so Kristy joined us for class yesterday.

Coach Amy had us start off with short rolls to see what we needed to work on, and I felt a little rusty after a couple weeks off due to injury, but I managed to not re-injure any of my body parts that are still healing, or to hurt any new ones (except for my lip bleeding when Joe accidentally punched me in the face, but that’s minor). My husband and I really enjoyed training with Kristy yesterday, and after class she said she didn’t think she did very well, but I thought she did great.

Kristy said she’ll be back next week, and I can’t call it “Ethridge class” anymore if she’s attending, nor can it be “Women’s class” if Joe is there, so it looks we’ve begun a new era in the Sunday Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo, and I’m so excited about it! I think we all had a good time yesterday, so maybe I should call the class “Funday Bloody Funday” (but hopefully someone won’t bleed on the mat every week ;).


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