Jiu-Jitsu is a hell of a drug

Jiu-Jitsu is a hell of a drugYou know how when people are drunk, they will sometimes start spouting anything that pops into their head? Well, that’s kind of how I was during the advanced class last night, after the warmups and throwing fit-in practice, when I survived five ten-minute rolls. After awhile I was so tired that I became much more verbal than normal, and most of my talking involved cursing at myself. During my final roll with Tumbleweed, he got me in a second arm triangle in quick succession after the first one, so I said “Dammit!”, but he laughed and agreed that my response was correct. Other than bitching at myself, I also remember teasing Chuckles when he was trying to choke me, by saying “I’m just going to keep talking, so you know I’m not choking.”

Besides being so high on Jiu-Jitsu that I betrayed my typical quiet introvert ways, I can’t even remember half of what actually happened during my rolls, except that I was armbarred and choked many times by Paddy, Tyler, Brian, Justin, and Mike, but I still think I put up a decent defense, because they are all beasts. One thing I know for sure is that at the end of class, I felt great, I was all “Yeah, I did that shit!”, and I still had some of the tired-drunk thing going on, because when I was shaking my bro’s hands, I was feeling like “I love you, man!”

The sense of accomplishment and peace at the end of a tough all-spars class like that might be partially due to endorphins, but not entirely, because I’ve never experienced anything like it anywhere else. If we could bottle that BJJ feeling and sell it on the black market, we’d probably be filthy rich, but it’s not something you can just buy, you have to earn it.


3 comments on “Jiu-Jitsu is a hell of a drug

  1. Are they always so submission happy on you? They never seem to give a little and work on a few things? I have a woman blue belt in class and despite her ability, which is much better than mine in fact, I generally never try and submit her. Sounds like a copout perhaps, but there are a few submissions or techniques I can use on her, that she can’t stop, either due to her size or her strength. I tend to work on escapes on her, which is hard without using my full strength.

    • There are some people who roll with me that way, like Adam (The Hulk), who has never submitted me in almost eight years of training together, even though he could probably get me to tap just by sitting on my chest! Others won’t sub me unless I make some major mistake, and it’s nice to have those kind of changes of pace sometimes. :)

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