All Spars

Rolling on the floor with sweaty people is what we do. Jiu-Jitsu.When Professor Greg paired me with Tumbleweed after the first half of warm-ups in the advanced class on Monday night, I thought we were just going to do some partner exercises, but then he said “Ten minute rolls, with one minute breaks in between.” , and it’s been awhile since we’ve had an all sparring class, plus our rolls aren’t often that long, so it was intense. Josh M. said he thought The Professor was trying to murder us, but Greg replied that the class was “Tinguinha style”.

My first and last partners were purple belts, and the rest were blues. Before we began rolling, Mike said we would have to pace ourselves, because we’d be sparring for an hour with little rest, but then he and I had an intense battle to start the night off, and he remarked that I performed better against him since I was fresh (yet he still got a few taps out of me).

The only time I succeeded with a submission of my own was during my second roll, when I managed to set up a mounted triangle, and despite Tumbleweed’s assurance that my partner was close to tapping to the choke, I finished him with a triangle armbar. I think I felt pressure because The Professor was watching, and my partner had already escaped a couple of my sub attempts, so I was impatient.

I felt like I was going to throw up throughout my third roll, and I was just trying to survive, but at least I didn’t get submitted. Since there was an odd number of students in class, someone sat out each round, and Greg had me rest for the fourth, which I needed, because my final two rolls were with a couple of tough sharks.

My last round was with Jerad, and he used a new method to try and end an old bad habit of mine. At one point when I was attempting to pass his guard, he suddenly put his hand on the back of my head, and he pushed my face down until it was an inch from the mat, then he held it there and asked “Why did that happen?”, so I said “Because my posture was bad?”, and he replied “You were looking down.” Seriously, I doubt I’ll ever be promoted again if I can’t fix my posture problems, so if anyone witnesses me bending over and looking at the mat, feel free to help me get a closer look, like Jerad did, and maybe I can finally correct this stupid error!

IBJJ Thanksgiving, I get so excited every time I hear "You wanna roll?" think the main reason that The Professor had us do all spars on Monday night is because Lincoln BJJ Center will be closed Thursday through Saturday for the Thanksgiving holiday, and Greg said he’ll probably do the same thing again tonight in the advanced class, which gives people a chance to get their fix before taking the time off from training. I’m guessing I probably lost about seven pounds in sweat on Monday, so it’s also a great way to burn some calories before feasting this week!


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