This week in gifs

A Powerpuff Girls gif summary of my training in the advanced gi classes at LBJJC this week:

butterflyWe worked on butterfly guard passing and it was fun, but I wasn’t able to get the techniques during sparring.


This is what it was like when my braid kept hitting me in the face as I was shrimping during warmups.


How I felt yesterday when it was time to partner up and Tumbleweed wasn’t there, but Conan looked my way.


When Sir Conan told me I needed to slow down during drilling.


How I felt when I saw Sweeney Brian and Rojas back in class.


Me trying to prevent grips.


Me rolling with white belts.


Me rolling with colored belts.


My teammates and I circling up at the end of class. Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone!


“The ground is the ocean, I am the shark, and most people don’t even know how to swim.” -Rickson Gracie


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