Easy Street

“We’re on Easy Street, and I feels so sweet…” -The Collapsable Hearts Club

Sensei JoeYesterday was Throwing Sunday in Ethridge class, and between Friday and Saturday, my husband had spent about ten hours training and testing for his third degree black belt in Karate, so I asked him if he was going to be up for attending class, and he responded “Sure, I’ll mostly be throwing you around.”, so then I told him Coach Amy had said that the next time we practiced throwing, he wasn’t going to be allowed to throw me, only I would be throwing him, since I was the one who needed the practice more. That statement was really a total lie, Amy never said any such thing, but Joe believed me, and told me that he thought we just had Ethridge class to torture him, so I’m afraid he’s finally caught on to our evil scheme!

I’ve actually always believed that Throwing Sunday was created to torture me, since everyone knows that I hate throwing, and I’m the one who gets thrown way more often during sparring (like a hundred times to one!), plus Amy was torturing my daughter and I long before my husband ever started attending the class. However, yesterday she showed Joe and I some mercy, by having us practice throwing from our knees (because Joe’s feet were sore from so many hours on the hard wooden Karate floor).

We adapted throws that we know and tried to apply them from our knees, which was an interesting experiment, and it was easier to take each other down than it is from standing, because it was more difficult to defend, and a few times I found myself coming to my feet to prevent being thrown. I definitely had a lot more success during positional sparring from our knees than I’ve ever had in standing against my husband.

We also started our final death match from our knees, and Joe got the initial “takedown”, but I was able to get to half guard, where we spent a total of about seven out of the next fifteen minutes. I wasn’t on the bottom the entire time, I even succeeded with few of the half guard sweeps we recently worked on at LBJJC, but I was never able to stay on top for very long. At about the fourteen minute mark of the match, Joe he had me in a choke and both of my arms were trapped, so I couldn’t defend, but he was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to tap, so he let one of my arms go free, and I immediately used it to escape the choke. He remarked that was what he got for being nice, and I replied that if he gave me an inch, I would take a mile, but it wasn’t much longer after that when I came to the end of the road, as he armbarred me.

Despite that minor detail at the end, I think it was probably the best Throwing Sunday ever (I didn’t even have to stand up!). Although Joe is officially a Sensei in Karate now (as a third degree black belt), it still took him about fifteen minutes to submit a female BJJ blue belt (due to that statement, I foresee myself being wristlocked next week in Ethridge class ;).


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