How does your garden grow?

Grow, dammit!Butterfly guard has been the general theme in the advanced classes at LBJJC for the past couple of weeks, and I want my butterflies to live in a beautifully manicured garden, but I think my Jiu-Jitsu still looks like a rough patch of wildflowers, because there are some pretty things in there, but they seem random, and they’re surrounded by weeds. Then again, my garden was nothing but dirt when I started, so I guess I just have to keep patiently tending, and it will continue to grow.

There was a new visitor to my garden this week, a Gracie Barra blue belt from California, who was my drilling partner on Wednesday. I don’t believe I’m a good ambassador for Lincoln BJJ, because I’m shy (so I’m not very chatty), but he didn’t seem to mind, and I felt comfortable with him right away. He definitely has skills (I even saw him submit Havoc!), but he wasn’t familiar with the techniques we were practicing, and I was able to help him, which felt nice. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to roll with him, because we only did KOTM and there were a lot of people in class, so he and I never ended up facing each other, but I believe he may be moving to Lincoln soon, so perhaps I’ll get another chance to unleash my wild butterflies on him.

"Don't waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden, and the butterflies will come." - Mario Quintana One of my main goal these past couple weeks was to maintain a relaxed state of mind while rolling (a zen garden ;), and I was moderately successful, depending on who I was rolling with. I was able to remain calm against my husband in Ethridge class, and I found it easier to relax while training with lower belts at LBJJC, but it was most difficult when I rolled with The Professor. It’s just so easy to get overwhelmed in the senior’s gardens, because they’re enormous, and full of spiders and other scary things!


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