Monster Mash

For the last five years, we’ve been having a Halloween party for the kids at the dojo, and many of the students have previously attended, so some of them were already asking about it last month, and I was afraid that the celebration might not live up to the hype this year, but I think it may have surpassed it! One of the parents told Joe that on the way home, her kids kept randomly saying “That was awesome!”

We played a few new games this year, and I think the one that the kids liked best was the game with plastic ninja swords and balloons that looked like grenades. The kids had to try to keep the balloons afloat by using the ninja swords, and whenever one of the grenades hit the ground, everyone yelled “BANG!”, then if they kept it up longer than ten seconds, we added a second balloon, which made it much harder, and no one ever got to a third balloon, but they all had a great time!

We also upgraded the decorations, and we spent more time improving the haunted obstacle course, which is always popular, but we actually had to kick the kids out this year, because they didn’t want to leave! Sensei Doug came down early to help my husband and I set everything up, which allowed us to get a lot more done, and Sensei Brian, along with several students and parents, all helped out to make it a success.

My costume for the evening was Minnie Mouse, and one of the boys (who had been in the grappling class that I taught at the dojo a couple of weeks ago) came up to me and asked “Who are you?”, but he figured out the answer before he finished the question, so then he said “I know who you are! You taught us the mat!”, and I think he meant that I taught them on the mat (because you certainly can’t learn the entire mat in one class ;). Joe’s costume was Hazmat Man, complete with green glowing gloves, which the kids loved, although they weren’t sure how to react when he dropped a fake cockroach out of his sleeve onto the floor. One of the boys smashed it with a ninja sword before Joe picked it up and pretended to eat it, and I think most of the kids never even realized it was only plastic. These are the things of which awesome dojo memories are made!

LMAC dojo halloween party 2016


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