Diary of a Madwoman

Ginger SnapsDear Diary,

I had so much fun at Lincoln BJJ this week! The cool kids were nice to me, and although some of them teased me, I think that just means they like me. They also beat me up a lot, but I believe it’s for my own good, and I did beat up some people myself. I even staged a couple of coups on blue belts to become Queen of the mat on both Monday and Wednesday, but my reigns were short-lived, so my defeats were probably rigged.

At one point during rolling on Monday, I had to yell loudly in order to get a white belt to let go of a submission, which was kind of embarrassing, but I’m glad that I was smart enough to tap early, so I didn’t get injured, and I didn’t ginger snap at my partner about it, or steal his soul in revenge. Then on Wednesday, I accidentally punched a dude in the junk, which was even more embarrassing, but he forgave me, so I guess things have a way of evening out.

I enjoyed the teachings of Jerad and Conan in the advanced classes this week, and I had a great time with my partners David and Mike, but the voodoo dolls that I made of them do not seem to be helping in the slightest with my performance against them! After missing training because I was sick, I thought it would be tough for me to get through the classes, but I felt like I didn’t really skip a beat, and I was even able to appreciate my own skill level for a change. I can’t believe that I was almost considering giving up BJJ, because it’s taken years for me to get where I am, and it’s actually a pretty great place to be! Now I think I probably just need to collect a little more hair for my voodoo dolls, which should be easy with Tumbleweed, but may prove more challenging with CoCo, so I might have to resort to plucking out leg hairs and hoping he doesn’t notice.

“Dear diary, I’m here to stay.” -Ozzy Osbourne


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