Rock the Bells

I'd rather throw ya than know yaExcitement and nervousness are basically the same feelings, it’s all in how you interpret them, so yesterday whenever I started to become nervous about practicing throwing in class, I told myself that I was just excited… “Woohoo, gonna take some people down!”, and I wasn’t entirely successful in getting rid of the nerves, but I was definitely more at ease. Tumbleweed was also my drilling partner, and he’s trained some Judo, so he helped me relax (fall like a water balloon, not a bowling ball ;) plus he gave me a lot of good pointers on the throws (sumi gaeshi and kibisu gaeshi?), then by end of practice, Professor Greg said my technique looked “pretty clean”.

During standing sparring yesterday, they rang a bell every time someone got a good throw, and all four of my partners had their bells rung once! By that I mean they each threw me (and I threw nobody), but the most spectacular one was when Mike tossed me with tomoe nage, and I screamed. I wasn’t hurt at all, it was just like when you holler on a roller coaster, because it’s equal parts scary and fun!

It looks like we’re going to be working on throwing in the advanced classes for at least the next week or two, but repetition is probably exactly what I need to increase my comfort level, and turn my pseudo-excitement real. I actually did have a great time during training last night, so maybe throwing isn’t quite so bad after all.

” L.L. Cool J. is hard as hell, battle anybody I don’t care who you tell.” -L.L. Cool J.


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