To Plant a Seed

I didn’t make it to the training session and promotion ceremony at Lincoln BJJ yesterday, because my sore back is still bothering me too much to train, and I considered going in and just watching, but then my husband told me that The Cap’n was seeking women volunteers to assist with a self-defense class for a group of teenage girls at the dojo yesterday, so I did that instead. I appreciate opportunities to help females become interested in self-defense, especially since it was in the same type of class where I first became attracted to the martial arts as a teenager, although it took me about twenty years before I actually acted on it, so you just never know when a seed that you’ve planted might blossom and grow!

lmac-groupI also wanted to help out with the class because I’ve never seen The Cap’n teach self-defense before, and I was curious as to what his take would be. As a retired law enforcement officer who is also a lawyer, he focused more on the legal aspect of self-defense than I’ve seen in other classes, and although his black belt is in Judo, he gathered instructors from numerous arts and addressed several topics, so I thought the class was well-rounded. It was two and a half hours long, covering everything from awareness to practical defense, and I was glad when The Cap’n explained to the girls that they weren’t going to master the techniques in just one class, because truly learning martial arts is a lifelong commitment.

The Ethridges and MeganThere were twenty-some teenagers in attendance, and when they split into pairs to practice, we had enough teachers for each group to have their own (and four of us were women). I had a great time helping the girls, and when one of them exclaimed “Choking is fun!”, I thought “My work here is done”, and I knew I had made the right decision in being there.

I enjoyed the entire experience yesterday, although I did have a slight issue when The Cap’n said there are two different different kinds of Jiu-Jitsu, one that’s meant to maim and kill, while the other is just a sport, because I think that I do actually possess the ability to maim or kill with my “sport BJJ”, but I was happy that he really didn’t try to sell the girls on the LMAC dojo, or any martial art in particular. His purpose was just to help them, not to gain new students, and I believe his exact words were “If you’re interested in training, all of the schools in Lincoln are good schools”, which I thought was pretty classy. Most of the girls seemed to be having fun during the class, and hopefully some of them will want to do it again!


One comment on “To Plant a Seed

  1. Thank you for all your articles. I have no fear but my friends (including my doctor at the hospital) try and scare me into treatment. They think fear of death will get me motivated. How silly of them because death doesn’t scare me. I have a large mass in my lower abdominal area in which they insist on surgery to remove but I’m not ready yet because of life issues I am dealing with and others don’t understand because my priorities aren’t theirs so they try and put fear into me and then I have to deal with it and it causes me anger and sadness towards them. I appreciate your article and tips on dealing with this. I’ll follow my intuition and what I need to do. Thank you.

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