Granny G

The advanced class at Lincoln BJJ on Wednesday wasn’t too brutal, and The Professor kept his promise that competition class yesterday wouldn’t be as bad as last Friday, but today I find myself wondering at what point this week did I get run over by a truck, because that’s how my body feels! I did roll with a heavyweight last night, but I managed to spend most of the eight minutes on top, so I guess my soreness is just an accumulation of all the tough rolls I’ve endured this week, and the fact that I’m kind of old.

Those aren't grey hairs, idiot, they are strands of glitter growing out of my head.In case anyone thinks I’m exaggerating when I say I’m an old lady, I’ve earned the right to call myself that, because I am actually a grandma. Ever since she was about eight years old, my daughter Skyler has been saying she’s never going to have kids (and I believe her), but my step-daughter Ashley is already the mother of an eight-year old boy, and this week she gave birth to a little girl, so now I’m a double granny! Yesterday during class, Tumbleweed wondered if I am the only grandparent at LBJJC, and I’m not sure about that, but most of the people there aren’t even parents yet!

My grandson has trained some Karate and Judo with his grandpa, but he’s never seen Joe and I do Jiu-Jitsu, and I’m not sure what he would think about it. I hope it would make me a “cool grandma”, but one of the girls in the kid’s class at LBJJC informed me that BJJ is so not cool! When I was growing up, I probably would’ve been impressed if my Gramollie had been a grappler, but I also might’ve been a little afraid of her, because as it was, whenever we misbehaved she would say things like “I’ll knock your legs off!”, and although she never actually did it, the threat was scary enough!


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