Tough Cookie

Everything hurts and I'm dying.

I should get this shirt for Cold Prune!

The last time I attended the competition class at Lincoln BJJ a couple of years ago, it was only one hour long, but it was intense and it wore me out, then when I went on Friday night, it was almost two hours, and it was even more extreme, so I was totally exhausted afterward. Just being able to make it through the entire class made me feel like a tough cookie, and I never even complained about how old, sore, or tired I was, unlike one of the other students in class, who is only two years older than me (and I’m not saying who it was, but his nickname rhymes with Cold Prune ;).

After the initial warm-ups, about half of comp class consisted of drilling the techniques of our choosing from our competition game plans (a guard pass, a technique from guard, a submission, and a takedown), and the second half was sparring. There were eight other students in attendance (two purple belts, five blues, and one white, all male), and I trained with every single one of them. Professor Greg didn’t even let us rest, because we had to do push-ups, squats, and triangles between every roll! I was able to get one submission during rolling (but only with some advice from the guy who I got it on), and not everyone was able to submit me, which felt like a victory, considering the size differences, and talent pool.

Tough CookieAt the end of competition class on Friday, one of the blue belts said he’d never worked out so hard before in his entire life, and I personally felt like I needed about a week to recover, but I only had one day, because after that it was Throwing Sunday in Ethridge class. Thankfully it wasn’t quite as brutal as normal, because instead of Joe and I taking turns throwing each other, Coach Amy had me work my takedown game plan on him the entire time (with limited resistance). I practiced the same throw that I drilled with Mike on Friday, and both he and Amy gave me the same corrections on it, but I felt more confident by the end, plus when I was throwing Joe, Amy allowed me ten seconds after we hit the ground to submit him, which also helped me work on finishing (yet I still couldn’t throw or tap him during our final death match!).

I was actually glad that classes were cancelled yesterday at LBJJC for the holiday, because I would’ve been there if the advanced class had taken place, but with the way my body still hurts from the last few classes I attended, I’m afraid that this tough cookie might’ve just crumbled! I don’t have any real injuries, just a lot of aches and pains, and hopefully I’ll have fully recovered from my lingering Jiu-Jitsu hangover by tomorrow night (but I’ll probably still be training even if I haven’t ;).


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