Straight On

“Quite some time, I’ve been sittin’ it out,
Didn’t take no chances, I was a prisoner of doubt…” -Heart

Since I haven’t competed for almost two years, my recent mindset while rolling has not been very aggressive (and I don’t always go for submissions), but now that I signed up for a tournament, during class this week I’ve been making a greater effort to impose my will on others, rather than just reacting and defending (and my husband recommended that I stop being so “nice”). I’ve even been trying to submit people who I probably only have a miniscule possibility of ever getting to tap (like The Hulk and Havoc!) but I’ve also been getting respect just for the effort. During king of the mat on Monday, one of the big white belts escaped my triangle attempt, then last night when he was in my guard, he said to himself “Don’t get triangled again!” (and he didn’t ;).

Some guys be like, it's uncomfortable to roll with females...-WBBJJLately at Lincoln BJJ, the advanced class on Monday is small, then it’s bigger on Wednesday, and this week was no exception. There were about six students Monday, then yesterday there were around sixteen, but what’s unusual is that last night there were three colored belt dudes who I don’t know (two purples and a blue). We frequently have visiting colored belts at LBJJC, but not normally three at once, and two of them told me that they just moved to Lincoln, so they may be staying! I rolled with both the purples, which was fun, and they said I did a good job.

My next class for the week will be Competition Class tomorrow night, which I know is going to be intense, because although it’s been awhile since I’ve attended it, I can still remember the pain! I think comp class is almost as bad as competing itself (and I don’t have to do burpees when I compete ;) but I think I’m ready for it, and no matter who Professor Greg puts me with for rolling, I’m going to do my best to impose my will on them.

“Now I’m stronger, now I’m comin’ through. Straight on, straight on for you.” -♥


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