The Waiting

Sky- “My mom does jiu-jitsu every day.”
Me- “No, I do not train every day.”
Sky: “But you would if you could.”
Me- “Well if we’re speaking in hypotheticals, then I would train twice a day!”

sore knee

I tweaked my bad knee again and it’s been bothering me for the last few days, so I haven’t trained since Monday, but it’s probably a good time for me to take a break anyway, because lately I’ve also been dealing with bruised ribs and a sore back. Thankfully, I have something to help keep my mind off missing training, because my husband and I have been converting our daughter’s old bedroom into a new home dojo.

We already had a training area with mats, but it wasn’t very accessible, and the new space is bigger, so it will be better for grappling. I’ll even have something to look at when Joe has me pinned, because he created a custom drywall sculpture on the ceiling, and it’s a combination of shapes from his LMAC Karate patch, and my patch from LBJJC, to show the blending of martial arts in our marriage. Hopefully my injuries will feel better by the time the room is finished, because I can’t wait to break it in with some sweet Jiu-Jitsu moves!

Joe- “What do you want to do with Skyler’s room after she moves out?”
Me- “Fill it with dogs.”
Joe- “No.”
Me- “Fill it with mats.”



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