Night and Day

I went to the 8pm advanced class at Lincoln BJJ on Wednesday, then the all-levels class at 12pm yesterday, and the difference was like night and day. I thought noon was supposed to be the hottest time of the day, but it felt like a sauna when I walked into LBJJC on Wednesday night, so I knew it was going to be a tough one, even if Professor Greg hadn’t added fifty extra triangles and chokes from guard during the warm-ups. When someone asked him if the AC was working, he said “Yeah, it’s only 82° in here”, so I guess just because we have air-conditioning, it doesn’t necessarily mean The Professor is going to crank it, and I felt like the wicked witch after the extended warm-ups, because I was sweating so much that I thought “I’m melting, melting! Oh, what a world, what a world!”

I'm melting!!!There were about ten people in the advanced class on Wednesday, and several of them were bigger guys, so rolling was tough, and it was forty-five minutes in total. After king of the mat, I was assigned as bait in the tank of purple belt Tumbleweed the Shark, and I’m accustomed to being chewed up by him, but Greg told him to play his competition game, so it was like a sharknado! As far as I remember, every time I went into his tank, he submitted me and spit me back out in less than a minute, and the other bait didn’t fare much better, but Professor Greg also jumped in, so at least Mike got a challenge.

Then on Thursday at noon, it was a pleasant 76° in LBJJC, Triple J taught class, the warm-ups were easier, and out of the six students, half of us were women! I only trained with white belts, and I didn’t get submitted, I even got a couple of subs myself (which actually also made me feel a little bit like a wicked witch). It still feels weird to me when things work, because I typically roll with more experienced students, so I usually have limited success, and it also felt weird that the people I trained with yesterday told me how good I was, because I don’t get much of that in the advanced classes (or I don’t acknowledge and accept it when I do?).

Wicked Witch of EverythingDuring the warm-ups yesterday, Josh had us drill our “best case scenario” take-down to submission, and I chose koshi guruma to armbar from kesa gatame, which seemed to amaze my drilling partner, who said “That’s awesome, you’re really good at throwing” (which made me lol!). Then he kept complimenting me throughout class, and it didn’t swell my ego so much as embarrass me, but hearing things like that does help me feel like an advanced student, and I didn’t even have to release the flying monkeys!


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