Gossip Folks

I guess I need to be more careful with what I say on my blog, because when I joked in my last post about being the person who put a Taekwondo sticker on The Professor’s car, apparently someone took that as an actual confession, because when I went to open mat yesterday, I found out that I had been moved up to the top of the list of suspects. I think it’s funny that I’m being accused, but I am innocent, innocent I tell ya, and I’d be willing to take a polygraph test to prove it, because BJJ is already hard enough for me, so I really don’t need to give Professor Greg any reason to make it even harder!

I don’t get to open mat very often, and when I went yesterday, I really just wanted to enjoy it, so I made a conscious effort to not put any pressure on myself, to just relax and not think about my performance, and I can’t even remember everything that happened, but I know that as a result of not worrying about it, I had a lot of fun! One thing I do remember is that after I rolled with Mike, he showed me a way to roll into my partner to escape an omoplata, then Conan tried to omoplata me during our roll, so I used what Tumbleweed had just taught me to get out, and Conan said “I’ve never seen anyone do it like that before.”, so thanks, Mike!

Powerpuff Ginger

“I don’t brag, I mostly boast.” -Missy Elliot

Since some people seem to believe anything I say on this blog, even if I’m just joking, I’m going to end this post by taking my recent “self-hype woman” theme to the extreme, and doing some Trumpeting about my BJJ skills…

I am so good at Jiu-Jitsu, no one Jiu-Jitsus better than I do, I’m really the best at it. I’m also very classy when I do it, I’m actually the classiest, and I always have huge success. Everybody loves rolling with me, and anyone who doesn’t is just terrible, they’re the worst.


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