I Feel The Earth Move

I basically celebrated my Mother’s Day the same way as most other moms, by body slamming my baby daddy to the ground! We weren’t able to have Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class last weekend, so Throwing Sunday ended up being yesterday, and I could’ve gotten out of it since it was Mother’s Day, but I told Coach Amy that I just wanted to get it over with, then the universe rewarded me for not wussing out, by allowing me to succeed in throwing my husband during our final death match, for the first time ever!

Judo: The art of hitting someone with a planet.We focused on sweeping rather than throwing during class, and I kept stiff-arming Joe during much of the practice, but when we started our final roll from standing, I was able to get in close on him (while defending being swept or thrown), then set up and execute koshi guruma. It wasn’t even a case of “it was ugly, but it worked”, Amy actually said the throw looked pretty, and that we should’ve gotten it on video! That’s saying a lot coming from The Sheriff, because prior to that, I think the best compliment she’d ever given me on a throw is that it wasn’t terrible.

Even though I succeeded with the throw, it didn’t help me much in the long run, because the match ended with me tapping to an americana. Afterward, Joe complained that I made him work way too hard for it, but he was trying to submit his daughter’s mom on Mother’s Day, and I couldn’t just let him get away with that! ;)


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