Achievement Unlocked

Achievement Unlocked: You Kick Ass
When Tetris first came out on the Game Boy, I played it too much, and then I’d have Tetris dreams where puzzle pieces would be constantly falling from the sky, and I had to keep fitting them together. Now it’s kind of like that with Jiu-Jitsu, except it’s way more interesting, because I am one of the puzzle pieces, and when the other pieces don’t bend the way I want them to, they’re not as easy turn or flip over, even in my mind!

It would be pretty cool if whenever you accomplished something new in BJJ, they played one of those happy little video game sounds that indicate an achievement has been unlocked, and I think I would’ve heard one during king of the mat in the advanced class on Monday, when I became queen by passing the guard of one of the big experienced blue belts, for the first time ever! I also almost passed the purple belt Hulk’s guard, and I came so close that when he shut me down in half guard, I said “Aw man, I thought I was going to get it.”, and he replied “So did I”. Not that everything went well with my guard passing on Monday, like when I essentially swept myself as I was going against J-Rad, but thankfully you do get unlimited respawns in Jiu-Jitsu.

Every escape is a trap, leading to a new problem.

It’s a trap!

My Tetris addiction didn’t last very long, because I became bored with it pretty quickly, but I believe Jiu-Jitsu will continue to be infinitely exciting to me, even if Professor Greg doesn’t always do fun things like during class on Monday, when he had us decide who got to chose which form of guard we started in during king of the mat by having us play “rock, paper, scissors” before each round. I find BJJ to be a fun game to play in general, and it’s never gotten stale, since it still leaves me with more questions than answers. Whenever I start to figure one thing out, something else requires my attention, and during the times when I’m not training, or even while I’m sleeping, my brain keeps working on putting all the damn puzzle pieces together!


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