Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit

Jiu-Jitsu is so big and so small all at the same time, because there are so many things to learn, but the little details can make all the difference. When you start to find positions and techniques that work for you, it can be tempting to just try to do them all of the time, but you’ve probably only tapped into a small portion of your BJJ potential, and staying there limits your growth. Lately my main focus in training has been to improve in the areas where I’m lacking, which has specifically been guard passing, but I’ve also been trying to fix my weaknesses in general, and doing this has meant that I’ve been staying out of my comfort zone (no pulling guard!), so my success rate has decreased, but my learning rate has accelerated.

The techniques in the advanced classes at LBJJC this week fit right into my plan to improve my weak areas, because they were sweeps from butterfly and x guard, neither of which are within my comfort zone. I actually like x guard, I just don’t have much experience with it, but butterfly has never been my thing (I don’t feel like I have enough control, and my knees just get smashed!). I dislike it so much that during the positional sparring from butterfly, I really just wanted to transition to any other form of guard, but I made myself stay in butterfly, and therefore I lost every round, but if I don’t start working on it, it’ll never get any better.

One new thing I have had success with lately is the x pass. It’s just been a couple of months since I started trying to incorporate it into my game, and during rolling this week, I was able to get it on three different blue belts! It wasn’t the only pass I tried, but it was the only one that worked.

StepbrosAnother thing I need to improve on is NOT instigating shenanigans with my bros during class. Old Spoon was there last night, and I couldn’t resist starting shit with him, so when we were circling up to stretch, I pulled him into my guard, then when I let him go, he went for an ankle lock, and I said “Stop, we’re going to get in trouble!”, but it was too late. I don’t think The Professor appreciated having to tell the two oldest people in class to “Stick to the task at hand”, and Brian and I basically have an immature sibling relationship, so when Greg told us to stop, Old Spoon reacted exactly like a bratty brother would, by totally throwing me under the bus and saying “She started it!”.


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