Let’s Dance

I was drilling the rolling back take on my husband before Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class yesterday, so I was down on the mat when Coach Amy walked in, and it was supposed to be Throwing Sunday, but I told them that I wasn’t going to get up, because I couldn’t be thrown as long as I stayed on the ground! Then Amy pointed out that I had promised to work on throwing yesterday, and I don’t think it’s illegal to break a promise to a Sheriff’s deputy, but I figured she would find a way to make me regret it, so I relented.

The weird thing is that after my initial nervousness, I was able to relax, and the throwing practice didn’t seem so bad anymore, it actually felt kind of normal. It has taken many years of Throwing Sundays for me to get to the point where I feel like I’m finally conquering my fear of being thrown, but it’s definitely been worth the effort.

koshi gurumaFor the practice itself, we worked on the same thing from the last Throwing Sunday (except in gi this time), which was combination throws and defending. I selected ippon seo nage and osoto gari as my combination the last time, but yesterday I switched the first throw to koshi guruma, and after I threw Joe with it, Amy said “That wasn’t terrible”, which might be the best compliment she’s ever given me on my throwing!

I think throwing practice went better for me yesterday than it ever has before. I wasn’t able to throw Joe during our final death match, and he threw me instead, but after the ensuing scramble, I did come out on top (yet I still couldn’t stop him from wrist-locking me within about five minutes). I’m starting to feel like my awareness and reaction time is finally catching up to Joe’s, even if my throwing skills never do!

One fun thing about training with your spouse is that when you come home after class, you get to debate who ended up with the worst war wounds. “This is the gi burn you gave me under my chin!”, “Well, here’s the bruise on my chest from your elbow!”, “Look at these marks from where you grabbed me!”. I’m not really sure if the person who “wins” is the one who took the most damage, or the one who caused it, but in both respects, I believe Joe and I are fairly equal on that. A lot of couples enjoy dancing together, but when my husband and I “dance” in Ethridge class, someone usually gets hurt (but not too bad, because we’re under the supervision of a qualified law enforcement professional ;).


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