He’s a Mental Giant

Professor Greg and I both love jiu-jitsu and coffee!

Professor Greg and I both love jiu-jitsu and coffee!

I’ve always believed that Greg Lawson, our professor at Lincoln BJJ Center, is an amazing teacher, so it was awesome to have my personal assessment be reaffirmed in an excellent review of a seminar that he taught in California a couple of weeks ago. The author of the post is a renowned BJJ black belt and founder of Rise Again BJJ, Tom McMahon, who was one of nine black belts (and numerous other students) in attendance at Professor Greg’s foot lock seminar at the Tinguinha headquarters in Yorba Linda. He said that is Greg is a Jiu-Jitsu scholar, that his attention to detail is fantastic, and he recommended training with him or Tinguinha if you ever get the chance, and I couldn’t agree more!

Ever since The Professor returned from the seminar, the theme in the advanced classes at LBJJC has been sweeps from knee shield half guard. The first one we worked on was what he called a half guard version of a scissor sweep, followed by the shaolin sweep. I preferred the latter to the former, but Greg said that he normally only gets the shaolin after someone blocks the scissor, so we practiced them in combination.

The scissor sweep required bridging onto your shoulder, which I believe was the point during class on Monday when I strained a muscle in my back. It seemed only mildly annoying at the time, so I continued drilling, and I participated in all of the rolling, but I paid for it the next day when I woke up in pain, and I had to miss the advanced class last night. I’m bummed because I would’ve liked another chance to work on the sweeps yesterday, and although Professor Greg said my shaolin looked “clean” by the end of drilling on Monday, I failed at setting it up during positional sparring, because I couldn’t do the scissor sweep well enough to cause the necessary reaction, and I wasn’t able to figure out how else to get it.

When Greg recently taught the seminar at Tinguinha’s, he focused on just four techniques and really explored them, which is very typical of his teaching style. Normally in the advanced classes at Lincoln BJJ, The Professor repeats the same techniques for a few weeks in a row, and I never get bored with the repetition, or by only focusing on a couple of things during class, because I believe it helps me understand and retain the techniques better, since we’re able to go into depth, and examine all the details. Professor Greg’s knowledge is wide and deep, and he explains things in ways that have greatly increased my technical understanding, so I feel very fortunate to have him for a teacher, because there is no question that I am better for it. He’s also a humble guy, and he would probably be embarrassed by me calling him a mental giant, but I truly believe that if he can teach Jiu-Jitsu to me, he can teach it to anyone!

“When I get your brain, your thoughts is shifted
I’m incredible, highly technical…” -Tech N9ne


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