Spinning Wheel

“What goes up, must come down.” -Blood, Sweat & Tears

Last week when I wrote about feeling as though my Jiu-Jitsu was improving, I was trying to savor it, because I figured it wouldn’t be too long before my ferris wheel started heading back down again, and sure enough, during the advanced class last night, I declared to Tumbleweed that I suck. He responded “No, you don’t.”, and I thought “I do today.“, because I felt like I was off, and I basically reverted to survival mode during rolling. The strange thing is that I didn’t even feel that bad about it afterward, but I guess now I’ve experienced enough highs and lows in my training that a bad day can’t get me down anymore!

Breakin'- for the break of your life!

I’m glad “Break it to make it.” isn’t a slogan for BJJ!

Mike was the instructor last night, and although I was struggling with the techniques at first, I did enjoy the spider guard sweeps that he taught (which he personally learned from Tinguinha). I especially enjoyed it when, in order to help me understand how I was supposed to move, he solo demonstrated the inverted spinning motion that was necessary for the sweep, and it totally looked like he was breakdancing! I wanted to start beatboxing for him, and I don’t think I looked nearly as cool as Mike when I did the move myself, so I’m thinking that maybe I need to change his nickname from Tumbleweed to Shabba Doo or Boogaloo?

My bad knee was aching by the end of class, and Mike said something about me needing to stretch out my “old lady knees”, so I promptly ran over to him and attacked, but not with BJJ, I actually started simulating punches and elbows to his head. However, I was stupid enough to do it while standing in his guard, so he quickly swept me, then declared “Jiu-Jitsu works for self-defense”. That’s right, BJJ works for self-defense and super cool dance moves!


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