Break on Through

Omg, you guys! I almost submitted Tumbleweed last night, for reals! It was with an arm-in guillotine, and he said it was “so close” when the damn buzzer went off. He also told me it was a “perfect set-up”, and I didn’t even think about it or anything, it just happened. Afterward he gave me some pointers on it, and when I asked him about the loop choke, he helped me practice it after class, so I guess he just really wants me to submit him. ;)

Just passed the guard, great success!During rolling with another partner, I was able to get one of the butterfly guard sweeps that Conan taught yesterday (which was the first time I’d learned it, and I suck at butterfly!). I also passed his guard with the x pass that I’ve recently been working on incorporating into my game.

With all the successes (or near successes) I’ve been having during rolling recently, I can’t help but feel as though I may be having some sort of BJJ breakthrough. Things just seem to be coming together better for me, possibly because I’m understanding concepts that previously eluded me. It’s like I don’t just do Jiu-Jitsu anymore, now I really feel it, and it’s one of the best feelings in the world!


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