The Fellowship of the Mat

Welcome to Nebraska, Tinguinha!

Welcome to Nebraska, Tinguinha!

I’m super happy that my sore knee and I survived the three-hour open guard seminar that Tinguinha taught at Lincoln BJJ Center yesterday, because it’s a rare thing in Nebraska to have a chance to learn from a 5th degree BJJ black belt! There was a lot of information covered (mostly revolving around the omoplata from cross guard and spider), so it was somewhat exhausting, but also fun. I noticed that Tumbleweed was taking notes throughout, which is probably what I should’ve done, because I can’t even remember everything we worked on (but thankfully Josh shared it on his blog). For drilling, I ended up partnering with Samwise, and she was very considerate of my recently dislocated knee, so it didn’t cause me any real problems (but it was definitely aching by the end, even more so than the rest of my body!).

Something cool during the seminar is that Tinguinha said he was impressed with how well our white belts were picking up the techniques (since we weren’t working on simple things), which I believe goes to show the teaching talent of Professor Greg, and all the other instructors at LBJJC. One of the reasons I’ve always been nervous about my performance around Tinguinha is because he’s my teacher’s teacher (and I don’t want to make Gregory look bad!), but when he observed me practicing some of the techniques yesterday, he said I was doing a good job (so I’m glad he didn’t happen to be watching during the times I messed up!).

I don’t think anything makes this dame feel more accepted in BJJ than being picked on by my bros, so yesterday I was certainly feeling the love when some people (especially Jerad, Harvey, and Martinez) gave me a hard time, and/or tried to pick a physical fight with me! However in the case of my former Karate Sensei Backdraft Brian, I’m pretty sure that I’m actually the one who started it, but he paid me back by making me do two-person Karate drills with him before the seminar! Despite the fact that I do possess a black belt in Karate, I haven’t practiced in a few years, and I felt stupid because I couldn’t remember the sequences anymore, so he had to walk me through it (then some of it started coming back to me). Bhuvana asked us why we were doing Karate in a BJJ school, and I said “Because sometimes I want to punch people in the face!” (especially Brian, since his face just always looks like it needs punching ;), but Brian responded by demonstrating some of the armlocks that exist in the Karate drills.

One awesome thing about being a smaller person in Jiu-Jitsu is that during the group photo at the end of the seminar, I got to sit in the front row next to My Mentor Mike on one side, and Professor Greg and Tinguinha on the other. Then it was even better when The Professor and Tumbleweed threw their arms around me, and they weren’t even trying to choke me or anything! Between receiving superb instruction, feeling the love, and ending up with all of my bones still in their proper places, it was undoubtedly a wonderful day of training!

2016 Tinguinha seminar group photo

The seminar was limited to 24 people, and it was filled with LBJJC students!


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