“I don’t know what is happening!”

My BJJ training went really well this week, for the most part. I enjoyed the open guard sweeps we’ve been practicing in the advanced classes, and during rolling, I succeeded with several sweeps (though not the ones I just learned, sad face). I also believe I’ve been making progress on my primary goal of guard passing, so because of those things, I was able to spend more time on top. I even had an enlightening moment on Monday, when I was rolling with one of our new blue belts. I was in top half-guard, then at one point I felt my weight shift precariously on top of him, and I knew there was a high potential of being swept, so I immediately corrected myself. Since my partner hadn’t taken advantage of the opportunity, I told him “You could have swept me right there.”, and he responded “I don’t know what is happening!”.

Man, could I ever relate to that, and I knew exactly how he was feeling! I’ve been there many times before, because in the past it used to seem like things were happening so fast that I couldn’t even keep up, and sometimes I had no idea what was going on, but when my partner said that to me on Monday, I actually felt like an advanced student for a change, because I realized that these days, although my skills still need a lot of work, my awareness has significantly increased, so at least now I usually know what is happening!

For example, when I was rolling yesterday, I knew exactly what was happening when I dislocated my kneecap. It was familiar because this is the second time it’s happened during rolling, but the first time was several years ago. It’s as though my knee has been loose ever since then, and I’ve tweaked it on occasion, but yesterday I actually felt the kneecap move about an inch out of place. Thankfully it popped right back in by itself, but it hurt quite a bit, and after I yelled out in pain, I quickly added “I’m okay, it’s fine!”, because I really don’t think it’s that serious, and my knee feels a lot better today than I thought it would, so I hope it will be fully healed before the Tinguinha open guard seminar at Lincoln BJJ next weekend!

I don't know what we're yelling about!The blue belt who told me that he didn’t know what was happening when we were rolling on Monday is the same one who asked me why I was so heavy when he couldn’t escape from underneath me a couple of weeks ago (despite weighing more than I do). I’ve decided that his nickname is going to be Brick, because he’s kind of built like a brick house, and he’s also a funny guy, and when he said “I don’t know what is happening!”, it made me think of Steve Carell’s character in Anchorman, which he should take as a compliment, because I love lamp! ;)


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