Let the Good Times Roll

I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be a good year for me in BJJ, and judging by the advanced class last night, I’m right so far (that’s mostly just because I had a great time, not that my performance was anything special). Tumbleweed predicted that I’ll develop my inverted guard game this year, and I’m not so sure about that, but I know I will continue improving, and I believe my knowledge is starting to reach a higher level, so I suppose anything is possible!

During class yesterday, the first sweep that Professor Greg taught us had many different moving parts and steps (spider to de la riva to koala to sweep), and there was a time not too long ago when I wouldn’t have even been able to remember all the details as we started drilling, but yesterday not only could I remember everything, it only took a few reps for me to get the hang of it. At a certain point in your training, everything you learn starts to relate back to something you already know, so things become easier to figure out, especially when the techniques fall into the particular spectrum of Jiu-Jitsu that you prefer!

When we were drilling, Mike remarked that I was picking up the sweep well, and I said “Yeah, but will it work on Adam?”, and he replied “Nothing works on Adam!”, so I told The Hulk what he had said, and Adam responded “That’s not true, you guys get me with that spider guard/de la riva stuff all the time!”, and I have personally gotten open guard sweeps on Adam before, but I’m not sure if that might just be because sometimes he takes it easier on me than he should (yet I don’t recall ever passing his guard, and I’ve never come even remotely close to submitting him!).

You can't buy happiness...but you can buy BJJ classes and they are kinda the same thing.

As much as I enjoy working on my open guard, my main focus right now is guard passing, and sadly I didn’t pass any guards yesterday during king of the mat from spider guard, but I did come close a few times, and once I actually got a back take instead, which is even better! I also got to know what it feels like to be bench-pressed by Conan, because when I was trying to pass his guard, he put his hands on my shoulders and his feet on my hips, then lifted me straight up into the air! It was apparently a legitimate technique, and I think he just held me there for dramatic effect, but it was scary being suspended like that, so The Professor asked if I had tapped to get out of it, but I didn’t even think about tapping, I actually just begged him to sweep me! Now, I would really like to see CoCo do that to Adam. ;)

“Well it don’t make no difference if you’re young or old,
All you got to do is get together and let the good times roll.” -Ray Charles


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