Joe: “Are you going to the dojo holiday party on Wednesday?”

Me: “If I go to the dojo party, I won’t be able to go to my Jiu-Jitsu party!”

Joe: “Lincoln BJJ is having a party?”

Me: “No, but every day in Jiu-Jitsu is a party!”

Jiu-Jitsu rules everything around me.I haven’t missed a dojo holiday party in the past ten years, but since I wasn’t able to train Monday or Tuesday, and Lincoln BJJ is going to be closed Thursday-Sunday for the holidays, I really didn’t want to miss class last night. I gave my husband a plate of homemade cookies to take with him to the dojo, then I went to the advanced class at LBJJC, and there were no sweet treats for me there, other than some awesome rolls!

I thought the class might be big because of the upcoming closure, but people must be busy with their own holiday plans, because there were only six of us including Conan, who was the instructor. We had what he called a “Jiu-Jitsu lab”, on concepts for escaping mount. Some of the things he went over were ways of altering your partner’s balance, making them heavy on one side, and then doing the escape on the light side. I don’t feel like I have the right words to explain, but I understood the ideas, and I found them to be helpful.

I’m not sure if I would’ve survived this holiday break without training yesterday (because I was already jonesing after missing class on Monday!), so I’m glad I made it to class, and I would be saying that even if it had not been a good day for me in rolling. We had a shorter amount of sparring than normal (because we delved deeply into the concepts), but during free-rolling I fully succeeded with a tripod sweep, a sickle sweep, a bullfighter pass, a knee slide pass (and maybe even more things that I can’t remember), all against a blue belt who is bigger than I am, but who doesn’t have as many stripes.

What is this shit? I wanted a new gi.It was an actually an unprecedented day for me in the advanced class, because not only did I not get submitted, I even got a sub myself! For disclaimer I should say that it happened after I started out in mount during positional sparring, but it was against another blue belt. After I transitioned to the armbar from mount, I couldn’t quite finish it, so I crossed my feet just to help hold the arm in place while I adjusted, then I remembered the variation that Professor Greg had taught us about a month ago, the one where you do cross your feet, and you spread your knees apart instead of squeezing them, so I did that, and I got the tap. At least I’m going out on a high note, so now I should be able to make it through the holidays!

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