Let’s Go Crazy

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Sometimes you get your ass handed to you.We weren’t able to have Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo on Sunday, so instead I went to the beginner no-gi class at Lincoln BJJ, and both of the people I trained with were close to my size for a change! My partner for drilling was a 17 year-old, and in the past some of my most intense rolls have been with teenagers, and he was no exception. It seemed even worse in no-gi, because I just couldn’t get a handle on him, and when we did positional sparring from mount together, I basically felt like I got my ass handed to me (particularly from the bottom, although he only submitted me once). Then when I rotated to my next partner, I told her that I’d just gotten beaten up by a boy, and she said “My twelve year-old beats me up all the time.”

It was cool to have another mother at LBJJC, and she’s the wife of one of the MMA guys who’s been around on and off since the beginning of my training. She told me that she had just tagged along with him to the class, and she doesn’t have a lot of experience. It felt weird to roll with her, because she only weighs 100 pounds, which is 25 less than me! When I was on the bottom of mount for positional sparring, it was “Upas all day!”, but it wasn’t fair, because she doesn’t know much, so I tried to help her learn some things. At one point she commented “You’re so strong!”, and I told her that I didn’t think anyone had ever said that to me before, but I actually don’t believe I was using that much strength, I just knew more than she did, and I was bigger!

ginger ninjasI tweaked my lower back at some point during class on Sunday (probably when I tried to match the crazy intensity of a teenager!), and it was killing me when I woke up yesterday, so sadly I missed the advanced class last night. I was still contemplating attending despite the pain, but then my daughter said “If your back hurts that much, you probably shouldn’t go.”, and I told her “But it won’t hurt while I’m rolling!”, then she accused me of having some sort of “Stockholm syndrome” in regard to BJJ, so I just stayed home and made cookies with her instead!

“And if the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy, punch a higher floor.” -Prince


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