Ain’t no party like a Jiu-Jitsu party, cuz a Jiu-Jitsu party don’t stop

Lincoln BJJWe had our biannual all-school training session and promotion ceremony at Lincoln BJJ Center yesterday, and it was our biggest one yet! It was awesome to see so many of the kids and adults be awarded new belts and stripes, and although I really didn’t think I was going to be promoted myself, I did get another stripe! Since it was unexpected, I’m not sure that it’s entirely sunk in it yet, but after I got home yesterday, my husband kept it in perspective for me, because when he asked me to do something, and I said “I don’t have to, because I’m a three-stripe blue belt now.”, he responded “Your stripes mean nothing here.”

For the drilling portion of the session, I choose to partner with Dave M., because he’s one of the few white belts at LBJJC who’s around my age and size, and I had a great time working with him. I decided that his nickname is going to be Diamond Dave, because he always has a bright and shiny attitude, and he’s a blue belt “girl’s best friend” as a white belt partner, because he respects the knowledge I offer, and he’s very appreciative of the help I give him! During the training session yesterday, four of the teachers from Lincoln BJJ demonstrated different techniques, and I was glad that I at least had a rudimentary understanding of all of them, so I was able to assist Dave in figuring them out, and I was especially happy that when Conan watched me drill the half-guard sweep, he said I did it “textbook”.

Triple Ginger SnapsBefore the promotions were awarded, I was talking to Backdraft Brain (who advanced to blue belt yesterday), and he mentioned the Saulo Ribeiro quote “Jiu-Jitsu was designed to make you quit. But if you don’t quit, you’ll reap a lifetime of its benefits.”, and we both agreed that while sometimes we really want to quit, we found it impossible to do, because we think about Jiu-Jitsu all of the time, so how can we quit doing it, when we can’t even quit thinking about it? I believe that BJJ is like an infectious disease, and once it gets in your blood, there is no cure, but instead of killing you, it keeps you healthy! Had I not gotten a stripe yesterday, my training would’ve still continued as usual, but it’s definitely rewarding to have my instructor’s validation that I’m improving.


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