All About That Sub

I recently purchased “The Grappler’s Handbook” by Jean Jacques Machado, and while I was reading through it, I told my husband that I believed I basically fit the description in it for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, but since he doesn’t train with me at Lincoln BJJ, I thought he was more like a submission grappler (except we usually wear gis in Ethridge class at the dojo). The book said that submission grapplers are typically unorthodox, unpredictable, fast, and focused on submission over position, which I think is a fairly accurate description of Joe-Jitsu.

Don't train your wife, train with your wife!

I don’t care how many times Joe submits me in Ethridge class, I’m still not going to do any of that shit!

Our “BJJ rules” mean nothing to my husband, and one thing I read in “The Grappler’s Handbook” that I already knew thanks to him, is “attacks from inside closed guard are possible.” The book shows an ezequiel choke for the example, which is one of Joe’s favorite things to attempt when I have him in my guard! It used to work, but now I guess I’ve figured out how to prevent it.

Joe remarked that I might regret letting him look through the book, because he liked some of the techniques he saw in there (particularly the combinations), but it didn’t seem to help him too much during our final death match in Ethridge class yesterday. Although he almost constantly tried to submit me (I did attempt a few subs myself), and there was absolutely no stalling, it took him almost fifteen minutes to get me to tap! I remember him going for (but not being able to finish) a guillotine, an ezequiel, multiple collar chokes, wrist locks, arm locks, and armbars (which is what finally tapped me with), so I must be getting more accustomed to his unusual style of rolling. I also don’t think he ever fully took my back or mounted me, and even Coach Amy was impressed with my defense. Now if I could just figure out how to spend more time keeping him on defense instead!

“I’m all about that sub, ’bout that sub, no stalling.” -Joe-Jitsu


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