What a long, strange trip it’s been

Backdraft Brian aka Old Spoon

Backdraft Brian aka Old Spoon

When I started training Karate at the SRSK dojo ten years ago, one of my instructors was a policeman-turned-firefighter, who’d been practicing martial arts for over twenty years (earning multiple black belts), and he’s the same person as the white belt I drilled with at Lincoln BJJ on Wednesday! “Backdraft Brian” left Karate for Jiu-Jitsu a few years after I did, and he’ll be testing for his blue belt soon, but it still feels weird that I currently outrank him in BJJ. He’s also one of only a few people at LBJJC who is older than I am (just by a couple years), and we’ve enjoyed giving each other shit ever since we met, so it was fun working him as a partner during class! I just wish I would’ve gotten a chance to choke him, but he sat out of rolling (because he has a broken finger).

There's a B in my JJ!

First day at Lincoln BJJ. Seven of the people in this pic were also in the advanced class this Wednesday!

Professor Greg said that in a couple weeks, we’ll have six students testing for blue belt, and three for purple! I’m not sure of our current colored belt count (one black, one brown, one purple, twenty-some blues?) but on the first day that Lincoln BJJ Center opened in April of 2013, there was a total of fifteen of us in attendance (The Professor and fourteen white belts!), and there were almost that many students just in the one evening advanced class on Wednesday. Now that LBJJC offers numerous daytime classes, there are also several new white belts training there who I’ve never met, or even seen!

At the time I entered the realm of Jiu-Jitsu in Nebraska six years ago, there weren’t very many people training it, there were no official BJJ schools in Lincoln, and it almost felt like uncharted territory, because so few people around here had even heard of it, so the fact that Lincoln BJJ Center continues growing and thriving is beyond awesome to me! I could not have even imagined all of the wonderful (and sometimes miserable ;) places that this journey would take me, and I’m glad to have so many more people along for the trip!


4 comments on “What a long, strange trip it’s been

    • No, I only have two stripes, and I doubt I’ll even be getting a third. It’s not self-doubt (entirely), I’m just not sure that The Prof thinks I’m 100% where I should be to be a three-stripe blue yet.

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