The Zoo

“The job is done and I go out, another boring day.
I leave it all behind me now, so many worlds away.” -Scorpions

Lincoln BJJ Center is located in a strip mall, so sometimes when people are walking to the other businesses, they look through the windows as they pass by, and when I notice them stop and stare, it makes me feel a little bit like an exhibit in a zoo. See the Jiu-Jitsuka in their natural habitat, watch as they struggle for dominance! I wish more of them would walk through the door instead of past it, I mean, it’s not like we’re wild animals who are going to maul them (at least not until after they sign the waiver ;).

We may or may not be beasts, but there sure are a lot of things in BJJ that are named after animals! On Monday, we revisited a drill I hadn’t done since we were at the dojo, and back then we called it “monkey boy”. It’s the one where you get on your standing partner’s back and climb around on them like a human jungle gym. If there were any passer-bys when we did it on Monday, I’m sure it probably looked very strange. This is how the Jiu-Jitsuka establish superiority, the ones who don’t fall off earn the respect of the pack!

Beast mode? You mean awake?Most of the students in the advanced class on Monday night will be competing soon in a sub-only tournament, so Professor Greg basically ran it like a competition class (but without burpees!). We didn’t learn anything new, it was all “drill, baby, drill!” (techniques of our choosing), followed by ten-minute rolls. My final two rolls were with the same person (blue Jordan), because I’m too small to be a good pre-comp roll for the competitors (except Mike).

So, Jordan and I essentially rolled for twenty minutes straight, and no one got submitted! He had made it his goal to get the brabo choke that we practiced last week, so I made it my goal to not let him get it on me, and I succeeded! He did come pretty close at the end, and I’m just lucky he’s still a little rusty, since it was only his third day back after knee surgery.

My aunt Donna once told me that whenever she drives by LBJJC, she looks for my Jeep to see if I’m there, because she usually can’t see through our windows from O Street, since they’re frequently steamed over. If anyone did look in and see Jordan and I rolling on Monday, I imagine it might’ve looked something like this: (except we were in half-guard most of the time!).


The Jiu-Jitsuka spend the majority of their existence on the ground, engaging in a stylized form of combat known as “rolling”.


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