How Do U Want It?

Me before BJJ class on Wednesday:

Me after BJJ class on Wednesday:


Professor Greg thinks the reason so few people showed up for the classes at LBJJC on Wednesday night is because of the depressing cold weather (we had heavy rain and wind, a tornado watch, and snow flurries), but a great way to keep warm and happy is by training Jiu-Jitsu! Some of the benefits to being one of only five students in the advanced class that night is The Professor let us skip the calisthenics, and he took requests for the techniques we practiced. Fuji wanted to work on a brabo choke, which we did it from knee on belly, and Danger chose a butterfly guard sweep, so we practiced the basic one, then we also worked on transitioning to x-guard if your opponent posts their leg to stop the sweep. I didn’t have any requests myself, because when I’m asked what I want to work on in BJJ, this is often my immediate reaction:


I’m not sure if The Hulk was joking when he requested “eight minutes in hell”, but thankfully The Professor only made him and Fuji do it, because Danger, blue Jordan, and I were working in a group of three, so we did “monkey in the middle” instead. I’d never done that form of positional sparring before, and it involved one person starting in guard against the others, for two consecutive five minute rounds, then trading out. Professor Greg even let us monkeys choose what form of guard we started in! Danger went first (closed guard), then I went (spider), then Jordan (bottom half), and I felt very satisfied that many of my rounds ended in draws. I even got a pass, but no sweeps or subs, and at one point I told Jordan that I should’ve chose to start in de la spider (de la riva guard on one side, spider guard on the other), so he let me set it up on him, then he remarked “Yeah, I don’t think I like that at all!”, but I still couldn’t sweep or submit him!


Of course I want Lincoln BJJ to be a huge, successful school, but I personally don’t mind when the classes are small, because it means we’re able to get a lot of personal attention from The Professor, even when he doesn’t specifically let us chose what we want to do! It usually seems less formal and more relaxed when there’s just a few of us training, which makes it all the more fun, and on Wednesday it basically felt like this:


“Now if you wanna roll with me, then here’s your chance.” -Tupac

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