Frighteningly Fun!

LMAC dojo Halloween party 2015

Sensei Joe as Father Time

Sensei Joe as Father Time

For the past several years, we Ethridges have hosted a Halloween party during one of my husband Joe’s youth Karate classes at Lincoln Martial Arts Center, and it keeps getting bigger every year! Kids of all ages and martial arts in the dojo attend (and some of the adults help out), and many of them have been coming to the party ever since we had the first one (even the teenagers!). I personally love Halloween, and it’s so rewarding for me to see the kids having fun dressing up in costumes and playing with their dojo friends, and we’ve enjoyed introducing new students to the festivities every year.

We try to keep it interesting by including different games, and the kids liked the glowing ring toss that we did this time, but the one attraction we always have, and which is always the most popular, is the haunted obstacle course. Kids seem to enjoy obstacle courses in general, and when you turn off the lights, add some scary decorations, a few human monsters, and a strobe light, then they just can’t get enough!

haunted obstacle course

spoopy punching bagAs a special treat for the party this year, my husband commissioned my daughter and I to paint some pumpkins to give away as prizes for the costume contest, which was a lot of work, but Skyler and I enjoyed doing it, and the kids really loved them. I wish I had gotten a chance to get a good picture of the Mother Nature costume that I wore (which I also made!), but several of the kids told me I looked really cool, so that’s good enough for me. I’m not sure what we’re going to do next year to top this party, because it was pretty spooktacular, and I think everyone who was there definitely had a frighteningly fun time!

my pumpkin children


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