Twist and Shout

It was a beautiful autumn evening in Nebraska on Monday, perfect for training Jiu-Jitsu, and in the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ, The Professor was teaching us an omoplata set-up and sweep from open guard that I’d never specifically done before, but the elements were familiar, and I understood and liked it from the moment I saw it. I was thinking “That’s my jam right there!”, because it seemed like fun, and Mike and I agreed that it would probably be a good fit for me. The sweep ended with a barrel roll, which I’ve done many times during class recently, but on my very first attempt at drilling the technique on Monday, I somehow twisted and popped my knee at the end of the roll, causing me to shout out in pain!

When injured and just watching everyone roll.Normally when I get hurt in BJJ, it’s during sparring not drilling, and on Monday I missed out on most of the class! I was sad that I couldn’t practice the technique, so I watched Tumbleweed and Danger drill it, then I tried to do it again without the barrel roll, but my knee said “Stop that!”, so I left when rolling started, to go home and sulk with an ice pack.

I know some people who’ve had to have knee surgery due to training BJJ, and I’ve previously had issues with the same knee, so it’s always a concern, but thankfully I don’t believe I caused any major damage on Monday. It still hurts, but I can walk on it, and even though I yelled out when it popped, I don’t think I even cursed (so how bad could it really be? ;). I’m hoping it will heal quickly, but for now I guess I need to take some days off.


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