Be Jealous

When your teacher shows a new techniqueThe only students who showed up for the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ Center on Monday night were Mike, Fuji, Henry, and me, so Professor Greg rewarded our attendance by giving us another stripe on our belts! I’m totally kidding, I just wanted anyone from LBJJC who might read this to feel jealous, but they should all know that The Professor would never award stripes just for showing up. I’m sure everyone who wasn’t there regrets missing the class anyway, but I’ll still attempt to elicit jealousy by saying that Greg taught us a super cool new painful way to finish an omoplata! I told him I wished he hadn’t taught it to Tumbleweed, because I’ll probably be the recipient of it sometime soon, and he said “Just don’t get omoplated, and you won’t have to worry about it.”.

About halfway through class, one of the students wasn’t feeling well and he dropped out, but Sweeney Brian had come early for the beginner class, so Professor Greg asked if he wanted to join us, and he did. It’s been awhile since I rolled with him, and he was more aggressive than I remembered, he immediately arm-dragged me and tried to take my back for a choke, which I successfully defended for some time, but I eventually succumbed. After that I tried to play open guard, and he attempted a straight ankle lock, but I was able to prevent it, and I used the opportunity to transition to mount, then I decided that I definitely preferred being on top of him, so I stayed there!

My rolls with everyone else in class on Monday ended the same as they usually do, with me tapping several times (but at least I did not get omoplated!), but one new factor that was added to the equation is The Professor submitted me with a knee bar. Not only is it the first time he’s done so, it’s the first time anyone has even attempted one on me (because I’m pretty sure you technically have to be a purple belt, except in no-gi). Although I couldn’t do anything to stop it, I’m happy that I realized what was happening as soon as he started going for it, and I’m taking it as a compliment that he introduced me to leg subs!

Rolled with Professor, only tapped 5 times.

I actually think it was only three times on Monday!

With Professor Greg in the mix for rolling, there was an odd number, so we each had to sit out for a roll, and during my break I was talking to Backdraft Brian, who was waiting for the beginner class (which had four times as many people as ours!). He asked if the rolls in the advanced class that day were five minutes, and when I said “No, six.”, he looked a little surprised, so I told him “We’ve gone as high as nine.”, and then he seemed really surprised! It’s funny how six to nine minutes doesn’t seem like a long time, until you’re stuck on the bottom of side control, and I’ve discovered that the secret to lasting through long rolls is to tap as often as possible, so you get a break when you reset. I’m totally kidding again, I actually tap as often as necessary, but as seldom as I can! Still, everyone should be jealous of my mad tapping skills.


2 comments on “Be Jealous

  1. Thanks for sharing! Very funny and informative. I like the ‘me on top’ strategy. It’s a lot better than being on the bottom and having to defend numerous sub attempts. I remember when I first started rolling and I would end up getting set up and submitted in as many seconds as there are in a minute. Okay, maybe not THAT much, but you get the point. Like you mentioned, it’s a very nice individual win when you get to recognize the setups and eventually defend it or stop putting yourself in that position. For me it was arm bars. Got pretty good at it and now I’m able to bait people at-will, only to take their back or side control when they fail the attempt.

    Thanks again! I love reading your posts. Keep up the great work #BjjSista! (I just made that hashtag up).

    Respectfully sent, – Angel

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