Half Moon

first quarter moonThe days are getting shorter (“Winter is coming.”), so now it’s dark outside when I leave class at Lincoln BJJ, and last night when I was driving home, I noticed there was a perfect half moon in the sky. When I looked up at it, a sort of peace came over me, because I thought about just how insignificant my performance is in Jiu-Jitsu class, all that really matters is how it makes me feel, and at that moment I felt very alive.

The Professor is still in California visiting Tinguinha (for the 10th anniversary of his school!), so Jerad taught the advanced class last night, and it was a great time. Instead of our usual exercises, he mixed it up, and had us do some fun warm-ups from a video of Marcelo Garcia that he shared on Facebook a couple of days ago. I ended up going against him for the belt snatch game, and I mostly lost, but he took pity on me after having to do so many push-ups, so if I was close to grabbing the belt, he split the push-ups with me, and we each did half.

D.A.R.C.E. to put punks to sleepFor drilling, we practiced what I believe to be Jerad’s favorite choke: the D’Arce, and it’s close friend, the Japanese necktie. It’s been awhile since I practiced them, but not long since Jerad submitted me with one! He said they are counter-intuitive, because your arms aren’t encircling the neck, so the defender feels like they should be able to escape, but that will often only make the choke worse (which I can personally attest to!). My biggest problem with the D’Arce is that my arms are usually too short to reach deep enough to get it, but when I am able to lock it up, it works fairly well with my bony crowbar arms.

I was sore and tired after class (especially my push-up muscles!), and I only had a couple of successes during rolling, but I was happy, even before I saw the moon. Looking at it last night also reminded me that in less than a week, there is going to be a rare supermoon, which is when there’s a full moon, a lunar eclipse, and a lunar perigee (when the moon is closest to the Earth) all at the same time. It’s happening on September 27th, which would’ve been my dad’s birthday if he were still alive, and since I’ve already lived longer than he did, but I might not be around for the next supermoon, I feel like I shouldn’t take a single day for granted, so I’m very grateful that I’m able to train BJJ, because feeling alive feels pretty damn good!


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