I’m Tore Down

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I usually think about is Jiu-Jitsu, because all the nagging aches and pains are always there to remind me. My husband thinks I’m going to end up a crippled old lady because of it (but he’s still supportive!), and the way I feel right now, I’m not sure that he’s entirely wrong. It’s not issues like muscle soreness that concern me (I actually kind of like that :), but the constant wear and tear and pain in my joints, which never really seems to go away.

If you have been training BJJ for over a year and one day you wake up and nothing hurts...you died.Last week when I showed Bhuvana my recently tweaked finger (which makes a clicking sound when I bend it), she asked me why I get hurt all the time in class, and I thought “Because I train BJJ, it comes with the territory!”, but since she also trains, yet she doesn’t seem to have the same issues with injuries that I do, I guess there’s more to it than that. Maybe it’s because I’m 125 pounds, 46 years old, and I mostly train in the advanced classes, but I really don’t know for sure. At our last belt promotion, Professor Greg said that not everyone’s body is cut out for Jiu-Jitsu, and although I don’t think he was specifically talking about me, it felt like he was.

Oh, you sore from Jiu-Jitsu? But did you die?Maybe I’m just getting burned out, but lately I’ve been feeling tore down, because I’m suffering from tennis elbow, sciatica, bursitis, a presumably arthritic knee, an aching shoulder, three sore fingers, a painful throat, plus I recently gained a badly bruised sternum and ribs (simply from someone holding me down in side control). I’m lucky that none of the injuries seem bad enough to seek medical attention, but they’ve been getting to me.

The smart thing to do would probably be to take some time off to let everything heal, but even if I was gone for a couple of months, as soon as I came back, the process would just start all over again. I know I’m tough enough to handle whatever pain BJJ wants to dish out, but sometimes it can be very difficult to endure.

“Well, I’m tore down, I’m almost level with the ground.” -Freddie King


2 comments on “I’m Tore Down

  1. I’m sorry you’re hurting. My first 4 months of Jiu Jitsu led to an ultrasound on my leg to check for a blood clot (luckily negative), an x-ray and MRI on my back, and physical therapy. At the request of my husband and the recommendation of my trainer, I’m sadly giving it up. At 53, I can’t justify the pain it causes, although it does break my heart. Good luck in your healing, I hope you can stick with BJJ better than I did… Sigh.

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