Runnin’ Down a Dream

“I felt so good, like anything was possible.” -Tom Petty

During the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ on Monday, there were only six of us (Professor Greg, Alejandro, Jerad, Mike, Henry, and me), which meant that everyone rolled with everyone, and I was clearly on the bottom of the food chain, so it was tough, but it also was one of my best days of rolling in recent memory! For one thing, Tumbleweed only tapped me once for a change, and it wasn’t with a choke (but not for lack of trying!), and he told me that I gave him a hard time, which is always nice to hear, because I never want submitting me to be easy. Most everyone else in class doubled that sub rate on me, but I felt like I did pretty well overall (except for when The Prof had me belly-down on the mat!).

When I rolled with Alejandro, he was holding back, and giving me opportunities to play offense, so I actually tried to submit him a few times, but of course he shut me down. At one point he turtled, and I was excited, because I’ve been wanting to try the bow and arrow entry that Jerad recently taught us, and I was able to set it up and go for it, but when I rolled over him, he didn’t move at all! Still, it was fun to not just be defending myself, and to try new things, even though they didn’t work.

After Alejandro and I rolled (and then again at the end of class), he tried to make a point of expressing to me that he is being sincere when he says he thinks I’m doing a really good job during rolling. To have a BJJ brown belt come into our school and be so complimentary towards me is definitely making me reassess my own abilities, because he’s either totally lying to me, or I do have some skills.

However, during class on Monday, a few things were also brought to my attention that I still need to work on, and most of them are old bad habits that I haven’t completely fixed. The Professor told me that he thinks I’m coming along well, but my posture still isn’t where it should be, and it’s causing me problems, so he wants me to focus on it until I get it right.

Between the positive feedback and the constructive criticism, as well as the fact that we practiced X guard (which I would like to be able to do well!) everything about Monday’s class reinforced my desire to keep working toward understanding BJJ on a deeper level. I still feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface, and the more I learn, the more I want to learn, but first I need to fix the things that I should already know.

Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads.” -Tom Petty


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