A dozen ways to choke a man

Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class at noon on Sundays is usually pretty intense, but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve felt even more wiped out than usual, and it’s probably because it’s been so hot and humid in the dojo with no AC. Last Sunday was the worst, it felt like we were training in a suana, and it didn’t even help very much to have three big fans blowing on us, because that just turned it into a cyclone of heat. Since the temperature was so brutal last week, we started out with slow-rolling, and I wish I could say I exhibited self-control in not speeding up, but the truth is, I was just too damn hot to move any faster!

I may look calm, but in my head I've choked you a dozen times!The heat wasn’t quite as unbearable yesterday, so Sheriff Amy had to find a different way to make Joe and I suffer, and she decided to do so by having us choke each other in every way that we could remember. During class, I was able to came up with about a dozen different chokes that I know how to do (which aren’t just variations, or the same choke from different positions!), then Amy had us do positional sparring and attempt to get the chokes. I only submitted Joe once from back mount (with an RNC), but he choked me a few times, and I’m still feeling it today!

I’m not sure what the point is in knowing over a dozen ways to choke my husband if I can’t actually do it, so I never should’ve had him train Jiu-Jitsu with me, because I remember when Joe first started coming to class on Sundays, and I was able to choke him, but I guess he didn’t like it, so he figured out how to make it stop (and choke me instead ;). During our final roll yesterday, Joe submitted me within a few minutes (but not with a choke!), and he seemed even more aggressive and motivated than usual, which might’ve been partially due to the heat, because afterward he said “I’m too tired to spend all day rolling with you!”, so I think he tried to sub me as quickly as possible. I was also drained by the end of class, but thankfully I didn’t just surrender and tap, I still made him work for it, because I don’t care how exhausted I am, or how sweltering the dojo is, every time I’m there I see the sign that says “Never give up.”, and I’m trying really hard to make that my mantra!


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