Taking Care of Business


Conan, Jerad, Greg, Mike, Josh

The instructors who’ve taught the classes at Lincoln BJJ Center for the past few weeks while The Professor’s been on vacation (Conan, Jerad, Mike, and Josh) are all bros I’ve been training with since before Professor Greg even came into our lives! They’ve each helped me in many ways along my journey, and I think they’re all good guys, who know an awful lot about Jiu-Jitsu, so we’re lucky to have them as teachers at LBJJC.

Jerad was the one in charge of most of the adult advanced classes the past three weeks, and I really enjoyed working on the techniques he chose (which included triangle from mount, bow and arrow from top side control and turtle, upa/elbow mount escape combination, tripod sweep, sickle sweep). The tripod/sickle is my favorite open guard sweep combination, but it’s been awhile since I drilled them, so it was nice to get the practice, and to hear Jerad and Mike’s feedback. I was also excited about learning the bow and arrow attack on a turtled opponent, but I was a little less crazy about some of Jerad’s unusual warm-ups, in particular the butt-walking, which I hope to never do again, but despite that, I had a great time in all of his classes!

Conan taught the advanced class last night, and since he was my very first Jiu-Jitsu instructor, it was almost like old times, except I suck less now, and I understand a lot more about Jiu-Jitsu! I did have some trouble figuring out the mechanics of the side control escape he had us working on yesterday, and it was difficult for me to drill without getting it correct, because my partner outweighed me by quite a bit, but by the end I figured it out (with some additional help from Mike). During the warm-ups, Conan made us do fifty-one reps of each set of calisthenics, one for each year of his age, so I decided it’s in my best interest that Conan stops having birthdays, and just stays fifty-one for the rest of his life! ;)

indexAs for “when the cat’s away the mice will play”, I think the atmosphere at LBJJC might’ve been a bit more relaxed the past few weeks, but we still worked hard and got the job done! Attendance seemed to drop off a little, but that could just be because of the time of year, rather than that Professor Greg hasn’t been there. The kids’ classes that I attended went smoothly, and they behaved for the teachers pretty much the same way they would for Greg, so I’d say everyone did an awesome job taking care of business while The Professor’s been away!


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