New Sensation

One time I was contemplating what would be the worst possible material for a gi…leather, satin, fur, tulle…and I ended up choosing velcro, mostly because of the potential for horrendous gi burn. However, after the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ on Wednesday night, I’ve changed my mind, and decided that it would be cactus. Thankfully, I don’t actually think it’s possible to skin cacti and make a gi, but if it was, that would definitely be the worst.

pinhead cactusWhat led me to this decision is having Robert in my guard during king of the mat. His head was recently shaved, but it’s starting to grow back, and when I touched it, it felt like a thousand tiny needles were poking me! I’ve rolled with many men, with all manner of stubble and beards, and it’s never bothered me, but when Robert’s head rubbed against my face, I thought I was rolling with a giant cactus. Seriously, why is his hair so hard and prickly? He must be the manliest man ever, with freaking needles growing out of his skull!

After so many years of Jiu-Jitsu, I thought I’d already experienced all the sensations it has to offer, but the pain from the cactus-head burn on my face told me otherwise. I suppose I also haven’t had anyone sweat directly into my mouth yet, so I still have that to look forward to, and BJJ probably has even more fun surprises in store for me in the future!


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