I’m pretty sure I could armbar you

It's obvious that you have greatly underestimated me.I had to laugh during the kids’ class at Lincoln BJJ yesterday, when a boy who’s about nine years old told me “I’m pretty sure I could armbar you.” Now, I realize that I don’t appear to be particularly threatening, and I believe that some of the adults have probably looked at me and thought the same thing, but it’s a little surprising to realize that even the kids think I’d be easy to beat!

When I told Mike what the boy had said, he went over to him and asked if he could see what color my belt was, and when he said he could, Mike told him “That means you can’t armbar her.”. Now, if Mike would just go tell all of the white belt adults the same thing, that’d be great! Unfortunately, in that case it would be a lie, because some of them can armbar me.

As long as he keeps training, I’m guessing that in just a few years, there’s a chance that the boy who called me out on Wednesday will be able to armbar me. Also, most of the other kids might be able to, as well as any adults who can’t do it yet. I have to admit that I do get a slight satisfaction out of rolling with someone new who seems to think they will be able to beat me, and then seeing their surprise (and/or frustration) when they discover that I’m not as easy to submit as they thought I’d be! I can honestly say that I have never looked at someone I train with and thought “I’m pretty sure I could armbar you.”, but I have thought it about random people on the street. ;)


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