Good Timing

Sweep the leg!“The right technique at the wrong time is the wrong technique.”

My cold finally eased up enough that I was able to go to Ethridge Jiu-Jitsu class at the dojo yesterday, and of course it had to be Throwing Sunday, which is my least favorite Sunday, and I tried to get out of throwing by playing the sympathy card because I’ve been sick, but Coach Amy wasn’t having it. At least she was kind enough to just make Joe and I practice moving drills and work on fitting in for sweeps (ko soto gake, o uchi gake) instead of repeatedly throwing each other to the ground!

One thing that Judo can help you understand, which is beneficial to your Jiu-Jitsu, is the importance of timing your techniques properly. The sweeps that we worked on yesterday weren’t technically complicated, but there’s only a small window of opportunity to make them work (after your partner picks their foot up to take a step, but before they put it back down). Like most things in Judo (and BJJ), it’s not about forcing anything, but rather, using the right technique at the right time. As the Captain Sensei says “Throw them the way they want to be thrown”. There have been so many instances where people have attempted things on me during rolling that didn’t work, simply because they messed up the timing, but I think it’s something you can really only learn by practicing and feeling, and although I understand it, it’s still hard to get it right.

I got mad sweeps.I had more success working on the sweeps yesterday than my husband did, but that’s because I’m not a good uke (receiver), since I have a fear of falling, so I intrinsically defend, even when I’m trying hard not to. I guess it’s good when it comes to self-defense, but it’s not very helpful to my training partners! At the end of class, Amy knew I was worn out (due to being sick) so she gave me some pity, and offered to let me skip our “final death match”, but I told her I wanted to do it, and if I got too tired I would just tap, but Joe submitted me with a wrist lock before it came to that. I felt sore and exhausted afterward, but in a good way, and I’m very happy to be grappling again!


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