Lincoln BJJ Center

We had another great training session and promotion at LBJJC yesterday, and many people showed up, but there were also quite a few who couldn’t make it, which was probably a good thing, because the mat was pretty crowded as it was! There were a lot of white belts, and since I didn’t really know half of them, I was nervous about finding a partner for the training (because I didn’t want to end up with a stranger who weighed tons more than me). My Mentor Mike is usually my first choice as a partner, but I wanted to let him share his knowledge with someone else, then I saw Ty come in, and even though he’s quite a bit taller than I am, he doesn’t weigh much, and we’ve trained together a few times, so I felt comfortable approaching him, but I didn’t even ask him to be my partner, I just went up to him and said “I claim you.”, and he was cool with that!

The theme of the day was guard passing (over/under, tozi, and split), which is such an important part of BJJ, and I’ve been told by Professor Greg that I shouldn’t really use any kind of pressure passes (I’m too small), but it’s still good for me to practice them, so I know how to defend when someone uses them on me. At the end of the training, I only did one round of grappling during the up, down, and out from closed guard, and I didn’t pass when I was on the top, but I did manage to get a sweep from the bottom (and Greg gave me kudos for it!).

Me and Ty

Training with Ty

Me and Conan

Conan helping me

The Professor gave out so many stripes and belts yesterday, I have no idea of the total count! The majority of the kids were promoted to grey belt (including my young protege Brooklynn), and now Lincoln BJJ has a few new adult blue belts, and several white belts who are getting close. Greg also hinted that at our next promotion, we’ll probably have a few more purple belts, too!

Lincoln BJJ instructors

LBJJC instructors: Conan, Jerad, Greg, Mike, Josh

A big announcement was made yesterday that Mike (My Mentor) and Josh (Josh’s Jiu-Jitsu Journal) are officially being added as teachers at LBJJC! Mike has been coming in and assisting in the kids’ classes, which I believe will be his main teaching duties, and I think it’s awesome, because he’s great at it, and the kids love him! I think Josh will mostly be helping out in the daytime adult classes, and just like Mike, he has a deep understanding of BJJ, plus he has a great deal of experience teaching martial arts, because he spent many years as a black belt Hapkido instructor before converting to Jiu-Jitsu.

Despite my own belief that I was never going to promote beyond a one-stripe blue belt, I did receive my second stripe yesterday. During the ceremony, Professor Greg talked about how promotions in BJJ are not just given for “time served”, you actually have to earn them, so I know he wouldn’t have promoted me if I didn’t deserve it, and it’s nice to have indisputable proof that I am improving!

Claimed: verb, past tense- assert that one has gained or achieved something


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